At DNA Sustainable Threads, we are dedicated to sharing our vision of sustainability through our upcycled slow fashion, environmental films, and zero-waste art collections. Each creation is thoughtfully designed with circularity in mind, driven by our belief that humanity has the power to alter the course of climate change. We believe you are the change the world has been waiting for.

Founded by multidisciplinary artist Clementina Martinez-Masarweh, DNA Sustainable Threads draws its name from the initials of her children, who inspire her unwavering commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Through our work, we aim to ensure a better world for them and for all future generations.


“Our human DNA holds the key to the solutions. I am dedicated to driving impactful change for the sake of future generations. The urgency of this movement calls for your action like never before. Our planet depends on it.” -Clementina “The Sustainable Latina”