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Clementina Martinez-Masarweh is an innovative, circular,upcycler/trashion fashion designer, climate artist, public speaker, mentor and award-winning filmmaker.

Clementina’s work tackles textile waste, diversity, and plastic pollution. 

With 20+ years in fashion, she shifted from fast fashion to sustainability.

A SF Lead for Fashion Revolution, she shares her knowledge, mentors and inspires others on Circular Fashion, along with representing the Slow Fashion Movement and ReMake Organization.

Her activism led to the passage of SB62 Bills that address garment workers rights.

Her most recent work titled “Cyborg Baby” focuses on nanoplastics in human embryos and bringing attention to the dangers of fossil fuel fashion and the microplastics released on our planet.

Gracing global runways, captivating notable clients in film, music, and environmental spheres, which include clothing that can be planted in the soil and grown afterwards.

Clementinas’ upcycled and trashion designs, along with her films have showcased at:

  • Earth Day SF
  • Earth Day Montanna
  • Climate Week SF
  • Climate Week NY
  • IndigenousPeople’s Day
  • Events & Colleges Internationally
  • National and International Film Festivals

Clementina seeks funding and partners, welcoming others to collaborate and continue the vision for a sustainable and inclusive world.


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