How to make a positive impact on the environment with upcycling and making good fashion choices.

Trying to be a good steward of our planet and looking fashionable is actually not that hard. First, you can try to go through your closet and look at pieces that could be easily upcycled.  Look for colorful scarves, long tshirts and denim jeans.  These can easily be upcycled and updated with slight changes.  The scarf can be turned into a bandeau top with proper folding and tie knots. A long tshirt can be easily worn with a colorful belt and turned into a dress, pair it with thigh highs and you got yourself a new look.  The jeans can be cut a shorter length or turned into shorts.  You can also add rips on them for a more distressed look. (Subscribe on our newsletter to get tutorials coming soon. We hope to assist you with your own personal upcycling.)  

Other choices are by buying from vintage shops and brands that upcycle.  You limit your landfill probabilities and you will be adding to the circular economy. Along with purchasing from brands that follow ethical practices and have less waste.  By making these conscious consumer choices you will be making a great impact. We applaud you for taking these steps toward a cleaner and brighter future! Cheers to you!